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Last Edited: 3 December 2016

Hi All,
Nice to meet you, I'm MAY-CHAN of WonderMay.COM

"MAY" is my real nickname because my birthday is May 2, 198x
I'm Thai and now I live in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

I love Computer & Cartoon very very much.
And I interested All about Japan.

Recently, I had to learnt Japanese Language so I can speak the basic conversations.

My hobbies are making website, connecting internet, reading / watching / drawing cartoon, listenning and singing songs and I like pet especially at cat ~nyo =^ ^= But rightnow, I like play PS2 and Wii. And when I have time, I like to cooking so much.

I had a few cats that I love soooo much. There are Samsri (Three Color)(Female) and Sha-i (Man)(Male) but I don't have them now. They were died. I always find a new cat. But I'm afraid one day it's will be away from me that made me hurt so much.

Now, I'm working about Internet & Computer in a good company. And also I'm doing many things about Internet Hosting and Website Design. If you're interesting, have a look here :D

In the future, I'm still making all my sites. I hope once day it will be a greatest cartoonmania website, everyone like and enjoy with my sites.


:: My Favourites ::

Anime & Comic: Fushigi Yuugi and All

Mangaka: Watase Yuu and All

Collection: about 3,000 comic books, 80 anime tapes, 60 anime vdo, and more,... etc.
A new stuff that is a Ton of CD/DVD stuffs including Movie - Karaoke. And also Anime VCD that my freinds sent.

Musical Instruments: Electone, Harmonica, Flute

Colour: Red and Green

My Darling: Tamahome (FY), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), David Duchovny (Mulder:The X-files), Adam (Maroon5), Bi (Rain), Dicky Cheung, Gackt,....HaHaHa I like each boy who come from different countries >_<

Precious Stuffs: Computer, Cartoon Stuffs, Sony Moblie Phones, Sony Vaio, Watch, The X-files Boxset! and Karaoke - DVD - CD Movies.

Movie: The X-files, The Vampire Diaries, Prison Break, The Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Resident Evil, The Others, Troy, War of the Worlds, Bridget Jone's Diary, My Best Friend's Wedding

Jpop & Jrock: Utada Hikaru, Gackt, Makoto,... etc.

Listenning: Thai - English - Japanese - Chinese songs and many songs

Song: Smooth - Santana, This Love - Maroon 5, Say You Love Me - Austin Patti, Don't Love You No More - Craig David, I'm Gonna Getcha Good - Shania Twian, The Day You Went Away - M2M, Take me to your Heart - MLTR, Tactics - The Yellow Monkey [RK Ed.I], Automatic - Utada Hikaru

Now Listenning: Smooth - Santana feat. Rob Thomas, Somebody to Love - Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke, Last Christmas, Let's Get It Started - Black Eye Peace, Too Lost In You - Sugababes, If You Come Back - Blue, Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5, Khaw Mai Rak Raw - M The Star, Kod Kong Fan Kao - Lydia

Now Karaoke: What Took You So Long - Emma, Baby One More Time - Britney Spears, Watashitachi Ni Naritakute - Sailormoon, Aod Jai Mai Waay - Marsha

Game Console: Play Stations 2, Nintendo Wii, PSP

Game: Just Dance Now [Wii & Online], Wii Sports, Resident Evil 4 [PS2], Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles [Wii], Assassins Creed Bloodlines [PSP], X-Men Origins Wolverine [PSP], My Puppy Family [PSP], Fahrenheit [PS2], Rock Band [PSP], Mario & Sonic Olympic Games [Wii], Cooking Mama [Wii], Link's Crossbow Training [Wii]

Quote: Lucky in Game & Happy in Love


:: My Networks ::

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wondermay

My Quiz on Facebook - เค้ารักเราบ้างไหมนะ? (For girl only): http://apps.facebook.com/wttrzuandbxzd-bbdgef/

Multiply: http://wondermay.multiply.com

Tagged & Mafia Wars: http://www.tagged.com/wondermay

Hi5: http://wondermay.hi5.com

Imeem: http://www.imeem.com/people/GGHTkpG


:: My Computer ::

HP Pavilion HPE Series (h8-1223l)
(Intel Core i3 2120, 3.3 GHz, Ram 8GB, 1TB, Win7-64bit)

Favourite Programs:
Dreamweaver CC 2015, Flash CC 2015, Fireworks MX, PhotoShop CS6, Indesign CC 2015, PageMaker 7, Illustrator CC 2015, ACDSee, and many make skin programs,... etc.

Working with Computer:
1. Website 100/100
2. Internet 100/100
3. Software 80/100
4. Hardware 65/100
5. Network 65/100



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