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What is Affiliates Site?

Affiliates Site is a partner website that have the most value and benefit. So about Affiliates is a way that we can exchanged. Because WonderMay.COM have Free Add Url, so we don't have normal exchage link. Now we just have exchange link by Affiliates Site only.


About WonderMay.COM 

WonderMay.COM have many visitors from Thailand 40% and Other Countries 60%.
WonderMay.COM have visitors include children, young (teen-age) and man - woman.
WonderMay.COM have good design, easy to access and search and many menus specifically Cartoon (Anime & Comic) - Japan. So many visitors always to visiting.
WonderMay.COM added on the rank of many top sites. Check VOTE PAGE and Truehits / Nedstatbasic / Extreme statistics. And have many Rewards for guarantee.
WonderMay.COM have the most visitors about 1,900 visitors (by IP) daily / a day.
WonderMay.COM have the most all Page View about 8,000 pages / a day.


My Affiliates must be.... 

add our banner on your main page.
well designed with good contents.
have 200 hit/a day or 100 IP/a day.
If you accept all agreements, Please E-mail Me!

If not, you can exchange link with me by Free Add Url


Affiliates of Us [11 Sites]

Roigoo (th)
J-Doramanga (th)
TPA (th)
ThaiPicServ (tha)
Spirit Gamer (th)
Thai Onepiece (tha)
Arukithai (tha)
HaaFan (tha)
Thai Magic Shop (th)
RoinThai (th)
Song Kla Pra (th)


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