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Seiji Mizushima
TYPE Science Fiction, Romance
COMPANY Genzo Digimation Holding Co., ltd.
FIRST Release VCD and DVD, 2002
VDO. 4 episodes

Perfectly mixed with 3-D animations, it is a movie-quality series with some thoughts into new aspects of technologies and supernatural phenomena. The plot was created based on an outbreak of a fatal virus, mixed with a new scientific aspect of virus treatment, using nanotechnology. This anime is, therefore, innovative in terms of ideas.
Nevertheless, romance and relationship aspects make this anime even more interesting. With only 4 episodes, people will not encounter the problem of a slow pace of the story. Expectedly, the audience will concentrate only on one theme, not being distracted by unnecessary plots and details. The OST,
which is in a progressive style, matches the story very well. It is also worth noticing that there is no opening music video at the start of each episode like most series. The audience does not need to lose time for that boring and repeated opening to end prior to the show. In overall, this series is pretty good, especially for SciFi fans. The only weakness is that, even if the story shows the audience about feelings and pain of a girl as well as a little bit of impressive relationship, the insight into charactersí feelings is insufficient and too short. Due to the very limited number of episodes, the audience seemingly does not have enough time to develop the feelings along and to feel the pain and loneliness of the girl, Ai, who has been the test subject for years. Some people might not be so moved by the show.
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