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Last Updated : 19.12.2004

CREATOR Yasuko Kobayashi
DIRECTOR Yuji Yamaguchi
Animation Studio TNK
Number of Episodes 13 OVA episodes
TYPE Teacher story, Comedy, Romance
First Released July, 2001 (anime)
  Anime & Comic

“I My Me! Strawberry Eggs” is an impressive anime, attractive and thoughtful. The story about a teacher is communicated from the heart of the author beautifully and interestingly. Out of above 400 anime I know, there have been only two superb stories about teachers. The first one is Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO), which contains various ass-kicking teaching techniques. The second one is this “I My Me! Strawberry Eggs”, of which fantasy shows a guy who disguises himself to become a woman teacher in order to prove that a male teacher could love his students as much as women do. (The principal and many other teachers in the Seito Sannomia School strongly believe that only women could become good teachers.) The story does not contain lots of overly-done events like those in GTO, but there are still many memorable events between a teacher and students. There is a guarantee that concise movement of the story with varieties and the episode number of 13 will make “I My Me! Strawberry Eggs” worth watching to the level that may even call out your tears.
In terms of character designs, there are many interesting personalities such as Kazuha’s clumsiness that leads to her inability to run for a long distance without stumbles and crazy moves of the auntie at the house where Hibiki rented. However, all characters as well as the scenes are all cute, even though not detailedly beautiful. For the sountrack, it is as impressive as the story of “I My Me! Strawberry Eggs” itself. This is not a new anime since it was out for a while already. However, Thailand does not seem to give this anime a chance to glow in audiences’ heart even if it is worth watching for everybody regardless of their age.

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I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
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