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TYPE Science Fiction, Romance, Chronicle
COMPANY Kodansha
FIRST PUBLISHED 2000 September : 8 books(end)
VDO. TV series (26 episodes)
Spacial VDO. -
  Anime & Comic

CHOBITS is another nice story from the anime-famed Clamp, who features such excellences as Sakura – The Card Captor, Angelic Layer and X. It is popular in Japan and, hopefully, in Thailand. A romantic sci-fi is what is classified for this type of animation. As the first half of CHOBITS puts an emphasis on relationship between Hideki and Chii-chan, Chii-chan`s learning and her specialty, the story progresses slowly. Seemingly not complicated, these episodes are somehow attractive due to characters’ cuteness and jokes. Up to one point, the storyline becomes concise, exciting and really interesting. So many incredible aspects are raised, some of which are:

Is it wrong to love a persocon?”,
What is happiness?”,
Is it possible that a persocon may reach a happiness intimacy?”,
Is the persocon a perfect being?” and
Can a persocon replace a real human…If so, what’s going to happen?

CHOBITS is obviously using sex appeal and cute characters to combine with an excellent modern plot of a sci-fi story; unfortunately for somebody, it is not a hentai. The animation is undoubtedly cute and very well drawn, even for picky details. After all, it can be a favourite to both boys and girls alike. On the contrary, it is not recommended for young children as some adult relationship is included.

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